POA Governing Docs

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  • ByLaws
  • Code of Ethics - ASPOA Board of Directors Code of Ethics
  • Financials - Current Financial & Budget Statements
  • Land Use - Land Use Plan, Amenity Park Plan Proposal, Lane Use Survey
  • Amenities - Permit applications and information on additional amenities including Bulk Items & Appliance Collection, Compost & Dump vouchers and Austin Zoo Tickets
  • Building Permits - Definition of Construction Categories and Permit Fees
  • Deed Restrictions - Declarations of Restrictions for Apache Shores and submitting Deed Restrctions Violations
  • Policies - Policies Information Including Water Drainage, Building, Sewage Facility, Outood Lighting, Noxious and Offensive Trade and Activity, Move on Hoe, Signs, Manufacturer Home, etc.