FAQs & Information


  1. Are the Board of Directors paid a salary?
  2. Who may vote at a Annual or Special Meeting of the Membership?
  3. When is the annual meeting?
  4. What are the Maintenance Fees?
  5. If I am a renter can I use the amenities?
  6. How do I rent the Community Hall?
  7. How do I get amenities permits, including boat launch sticker, pool key, tennis key, etc.?

Important Information

  1. Roads Repair
  2. Trash/Litter/Disposal
  3. Mail Theft
  4. Unleashed/Loose Dogs
  5. Raising Awareness & Gaining Supporters
  6. Submit a Deed Restriction Violation Complaint
  7. Submit Proposal to ASPOA Board
  8. Submit Grievance to ASPOA Board & Property Management
  9. Stay Connected
  10. Summary of Responsibilities for ASPOA Board of Directors (volunteers)
  11. Summary of Responsibilities for Pioneer Real Estate Services (staff)
  12. List of Contact Numbers


  1. Are the Board of Directors paid a salary?
    Directors as such shall not receive any salary or compensation for their services, other than reimbursement of expenses incurred on Association business and approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Who may vote at a Annual or Special Meeting of the Membership?
    Any Member who have paid their annual maintenance fees and all other fees owed, prior to the payment deadline, and who have been certified as eligible to vote in the ASPOA elections shall be allowed to cast their vote.
  3. When is the annual meeting?
    The Annual Meeting of Members shall be held during March at a date set by the Board of Directors.
  4. What are the Maintenance Fees?
    The annual maintenance fee as established in the Deed Restrictions states: Each lot owner shall be subject to an annual maintenance fee of $35.00, which each lot owner agrees to pay to the Apache Shores Property Owners Association annually by the first day of March.
  5. If I am a renter can I use the amenities?
    A Member may transfer his, her or its rights to a tenant (Authorized Transferee) by completing the Transfer of Rights and Privileges to Amenities
  6. How do I rent the Community Hall?
    Please see the Amenities Policy and complete the Club Apache Amenities Application
  7. How do I get amenities permits including boat launch sticker, pool key, tennis key, etc.?
    Please see the Amenities Policy and complete the Club Apache Amenities Application listed above in #6.

Important Information

Roads Repair

  1. County Maintained Roads
    1. County provides dedicated maintenance and normally basis repairs on engineering of roads, population and traffic.
    2. For non-emergency road maintenance requests like a pothole, overgrown brush blocking an intersection or traffic sign, etc., please email us or call (512) 854-9433.
    3. For after hours or an emergency request on a county roadway – if a hazard or road maintenance issue is blocking traffic or creating an unsafe situation – please call the Travis County Sheriff's Office at (512) 974-0845.
    4. Map of County Maintained Roads - https://www.traviscountytx.gov/images/maps/TC_roads_SW.pdf
  2. Roads Not Maintained by the County - Submit a road repair request to the office at office@apacheshorespoa.com.
  3. ASPOA 2016 Roads Report - http://www.apacheshorespoa.com/images/website124/aspoa_2016_roads_report.pdf


  1. Bulk Trash/Litter Not on Resident’s Property
    1. Please report all bulk litter issues to the office at office@apacheshorespoa.com send a picture and address.
    2. If you see illegal dumping, report it by calling 1-888-8-DUMPING.
  2. Bulk Trash/Litter on Resident’s Property
    1. Please report all bulk litter issues to the office at office@apacheshorespoa.com. The proper steps will be taken to notify the owner.
  3. Small Trash/Litter Not on Resident’s Property
    1. Adopt a Road
    2. Neighborhood Clean Up – organize a neighborhood clean-up or check the ASPOA eNewsletter or website for a current list of organized clean-ups
    3. Individual Clean up – some residents take a trash bag on their walks to help reduce litter
  4. Bulk Items and Appliance Collection
    1. Call TDS (800-375-8375) to schedule pick up at your residence (subject to limitations).
    2. All permits are available at the office during business hours for ASPOA members in good standing.
    3. TDS also offers additional pick-ups for an additional fee.
  5. Compost and Dump Vouchers
    1. Receive one cubic yard of compost from Eco Depot per calendar year.
    2. Dump one load of waste at Eco Depot per calendar.
    3. Pick up vouchers at the ASPOA office.
  6. Working Refrigerator or Freezer Pick Up & Rebate
    1. If you need to get rid of a refrigerator, contact Austin Energy for free refrigerator and freezer recycling. Get a rebate when you recycle your old, working refrigerator or freezer. Ready to get started? Simply schedule a free pick-up online (https://www.arcaincutility.com/TX/AE/ApplianceRecyclingRequest.cfm), or call 1-800-452-8685.
      1. $50 per unit – Single-family residents
      2. $35 per unit – Commercial customers and apartment communities
    2. You are eligible to participate if:
      1. You receive electricity from Austin Energy
      2. You own the refrigerator and/or freezer
  • The refrigerator and/or freezer is 14 to 27 cubic feet
  1. Hazardous Waste Disposal
    1. Household hazardous waste is common everyday products that people use in and around their homes that due to their chemical nature, can be hazardous to the environment and water supply if not properly disposed.
    2. Accepted Items:
      1. Household products — cleaning products, drain cleaners, oven cleaning solvents, degreasers, polishers, pool chemicals, household rechargeable batteries, mercury thermometers, gas grill propane tanks;
      2. Paint products — latex and oil-based paints, spray paints, preservatives, strippers, etc.; or,
  • Automotive products — antifreeze, car batteries, oil, oil filters, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.
  1. Accepted materials must be labeled and preferred to come in their original containers for transport.
  1. Check http://www.wcid17.org/services/reuse-recycling-hhw/ for collection dates to drop off your household hazardous waste products for each Fiscal year.
    1. Location - Lake Travis Regional Reuse & Recycling Center, 3207 Neidhardt Drive, Austin, Tx 78734, - 512-974-4343 (Off General Williamson behind the ESD6 Firestation)

Mail Theft

  1. Report mail theft to the United States Postal Inspector at 1.877.876.2455.
  2. To report a mail theft in progress, contact 911.

Unleashed/Loose Dogs

Travis County Regulations state that it is the responsibility of each Owner to effectively restrain the Owner’s dog, which means the dog must either be kept securely on the Owner’s property or, if not on owners property, on a leash of a length that will allow for direct control of the dog by the handler in control of the dog. Each stray or unrestrained dog, at the time the dog is stray or unrestrained, may be impounded. If, at the time the officer arrives, the dog has returned to the Owner’s property, the officer may issue a citation to the owner, if a sworn statement supports the complaint. Upon issuance of 3 citations to the owner regarding the same dog for failure to restrain under section 52.005 the officer shall impound the dog. It is recommended that every dog be wearing an appropriate collar with an identification tag that provides contact information for the owner so that the owner can be contacted should their dog become lost. A dog may be declared dangerous if it attacks or commits an act or acts on a person, livestock, domestic animal, or fowl (without provocation in a place other than an enclosure in which the dog was being kept that was reasonably certain to prevent the dog from leaving the enclosure on its own) that either causes bodily injury to a person or causes a person to reasonably believe that the dog will attack and cause bodily injury to that person.

  1. POA cannot enforce the county laws, with the exception of POA owned property and common areas.
  2. POA can enforce on POA owned property and common areas including Lakeside Park, Geronimo Park, Disc Golf Course, Hiking Trail, Swimming Pool, Basketball and Tennis courts, Office and Community Hall area.
    1. Dogs should never be off leash
    2. Dogs not allowed at Lakeside park on weekends and holidays
    3. Residents must adhere to policies and signs.
      1. All dogs must be on a leash
      2. All residents must pick up waste
    4. If the dog is aggressive –call the Sherriff at (512) 974-0854.
    5. If it is a non-aggressive dog, contact the owner (if known)
    6. If it is a repeat offender, for the safety of the animal, call Animal Control at (512) 974-2000.

Raising Awareness & Gaining Supporters

  1. Come to Board Meetings every month at the Community Hall. Click here to view the calendar for current dates and times of all board meetings.  (Subject to change due to holidays and other possible conflicts. Confirm dates on the website. Meeting dates are normally posted at both entrances to the neighborhood.)
  2. Join the Neighborhood Watch Program - https://apacheshoresnhw.wordpress.com/
  3. Submit an article for ASPOA eNewsletter to apacheshorespoa@gmail.com. All articles must meet the following guidelines and be approved by the board before they can published.
    1. See guidelines under Stay Connected (also subject to board approval)

Submit a Deed Restriction Violation Complaint

  1. Click here to submit a deed violation on our website. 

Submit Proposal to ASPOA Board

  1. If you have a solution for a problem, please submit a proposal to the board. Board members email addresses can be found on the Board of Directors page of the ASPOA website. It is recommended to work with the appropriate board member before trying to have a proposal put to a vote.
  2. Distribute printed proposal at board meetings.

Submit Grievance to ASPOA Board & Property Management

  1. Submit your grievance in writing the ASPOA Board and Property management.
    1. Distribute at board meetings.
    2. Board members email addresses can be found on the Board of Directors page of the ASPOA website.
  2. Voice your grievance at the monthly board meeting.
    1. Sign in at the beginning of the meeting to register to speak at the end of the meeting.
    2. 3 minute limit
    3. For time management at meetings, POA to review grievance and report back at next meeting if necessary.

Stay Connected

Guidelines for ASPOA Sponsored Communication – ASPOA Facebook & eNewsletter is a tool for the ASPOA Board of Directors and ASPOA staff to communicate with property owners. Members might comment or submit articles but such comments, opinions, and information will not necessarily reflect the opinion of the board of directors or property management contractor, nor can accuracy of comments be guaranteed. Member comments and articles may or may not be approved for posting. Topics on the ASPOA Facebook & eNewsletter include announcements from the board regarding management of and improvements to the community. Lost and Found messages and other community issues might be covered. All posts and articles are previewed by the administrators, disrespectful or accusatory comments will not be approved. This group is not intended as a listing, referral source, or promotion of any business, charitable organization, non-profit, private group, garage sale, trading, contractor, service provider, or event not sanctioned by the POA.

  1. ASPOA Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/groups/56825062941/
  2. ASPOA eNewsletter – Sign up for the eNewsletter on our website at http://www.apacheshorespoa.com/web124/newsletter.asp
  3. Nextdoor.com – Nextdoor is a private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It allows you and your neighbors to connect online (https://apacheshores.nextdoor.com/). This is a third party tool and is not affiliated with the ASPOA.

Summary of Responsibilities for ASPOA Board of Directors (volunteers)

The ASPOA Board consists of 11 members who are elected (or appointed) to 2-year terms on the Board. Five director positions expire in even years and 6 director positions expire in odd years. The purpose of staggering the expiration years is to provide the Board with a constant stream of experience.

Each director assumes a position on the board and performs the responsibilities of that position. Directors may assume more than one Board position, except that the President shall not hold the office of Secretary. Positions may be shared among more than one Director. The board might abolish positions and/or create new ones, depending on the needs of the community and the experience and interests of the board members. The Officers of the Association will be the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Officers positions cannot be changed or dissolved.

Board members email addresses can be found on the Board of Directors page of the ASPOA website.

  1. President – The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and is subject to the Board of Directors. He (she) shall be in general charge of the properties and affairs of the corporations: presiding at all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors.
  2. Vice President – To assist and work closely with the President of the ASPOA Board as needed. To assist and work closely with the Board of Directors, in general. Assist with various projects in problem solving and recommendations.
  3. Secretary – To provide proper recording of all meeting of the Apache Shores Property Owners Association.
  4. Treasurer – To provide and maintain properly recording of all funds and disbursements of Apache Shores Property Owners Association.
  5. Communications – To provide on-going communications with membership and directors.
  6. ARC (Architectural Review Committee) – To review plans of property owners for compliance with applicable deed restrictions and make recommendations to the Board of Directors. All building plans are subject to approval of Apache Shores Property Owners Association. Insure al building and plans confirm to applicable deed restrictions as set forth in the By-Laws and Deed Restrictions. Insure that property owners follow all guidelines set-forth in the building policy and packet. Follow up on all construction within Apache Shores. Make recommendations the Board where changes are needed regarding the building policy and procedures
  7. Amenities – To establish policies, procedures and schedules for the operation and maintenance of the ASPOA recreational facilities, community hall, swimming pool, tennis courts, parks and boat dock/park area. In coordination with the maintenance director.
  8. Policy & Procedure – To establish and maintain policies and procedures that affects the management and communication of the ASPOA, in accordance with the By-Laws and all State and County Laws.
  9. Administrations – To establish recommend, and maintain policies that affect management of the ASPOA in all areas of operations in accordance with the By-Laws. To review and update current policies and procedures to present to the Board of Directors for approval. To chair the By-Law committee this will serve as an advisory committee with the Director of Administrations for the purpose of By-Law changes as deemed necessary by the Board. To oversee and manage the ASPOA office and on-site property management/office manager.
  10. Road Maintenance – To maintain and improve roads in the Apache Shores subdivision. To establish short and long term plans for any work to be done on the roads in the subdivision.
  11. Operations – For the supervision and maintenance of the swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, boat dock, community hall, sheds and parks. Also includes office operations as needed.
  12. Deed Restrictions – To monitor compliance with deed restrictions in the community of Apache Shores.
  13. Members Services - Serves as a liaison to the Apache Shores community.

Summary of Responsibilities for Pioneer Real Estate Services (staff)

  1. Office Manager – (full-time) - handles receipt of information at the on-site office including payments, complaints, architectural applications, violation and maintenance reports. Supports the ACC and Association manager.
  2. Maintenance – (part-time) - handles maintenance such as trash pick-up, minor repairs, set-up and cleans party barn, empty trash cans and pet waste containers, checks parks for graffiti, waters trees around common areas, patch small potholes on roads, remove illegal dumping of trash on ASPOA grounds, checks for overgrown brush on roadsides, cleans pool bathrooms and ASPOA office, test smoke detectors several times a year, post meting signs, checks the irrigation at the lakeside park, inspect common area grounds for any issues, etc.
  3. Association Manager/Realtor – completes bi-monthly inspections for deed restriction enforcement and preparation of those reports, inspects common areas, assist with billings preparation, attends board meetings and workshops, works with owners on account and/or violation issues, fields complaints, meets with owners, board members, vendors as needed, obtains bids as need, report maintenance issues noted on inspections to Hector, provides requested information to owners, works with the HOA attorney on various matters as needed.
  4. Owner, Pioneer Real Estate Services – Provides consultation and advice on all matters related to operations, financials and legal aspects of managing the Association. Consults with the Board in long range planning.  Attends all court and legal hearings and works with collections and outside legal advisors to support the goals and objectives of the Board and the Association.

List of Contact Numbers

  1. Animal Control - (512) 974-2000
  2. ASPOA – (512) 266-2714
  3. ATT - (877) 785-4869
  4. Austin Energy Fridge PickUp -1-800-452-8685
  5. City of Austin Energy (512) 494-9400
  6. Controlled Burn Call In Line - (512) 402-3473
  7. Fire Station – (512) 266-2997
  8. Hazardous Waste Disposal – (512) 974-4343
  9. Hudson bend Middle School (512) 533-6400
  10. Lake Travis Elementary School. (512) 533-6300
  11. Lake Travis High School (512) 533-6100
  12. Police - 911
  13. Sherriff – (512) 974-0854
  14. TDS - (512) 421-1300
  15. Time Warner Cable - (512) 485-5555
  16. Travis County Roads - (512) 854-9433
  17. US Postal Service (78734) - (512) 263-2458
  18. WCID 17 - (512) 266-1111